How to treat and pamper yourself on women’s day

You don’t have to wait for a specific day to treat yourself and have fun. Every day of your life should be celebrated. But women’s day is exclusively dedicated to the brave, strong and elegant women around the world. It is a perfect day to chill, relax and pamper yourself.

Do well to make plans to pamper and take good care of yourself on that day. Of course, you need to have it at the back of your mind that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time on women’s day.

There are a good number of things you can do on women’s day. You can choose to hang out with your friends and loved ones, go shopping or visit a reputable spa center. Just do something that you love and find exciting. Some of the women would go for retail therapy or a shopping spree. For those that prefer a more physical gratification may go for a luxury massage, aromatherapy or a session at a medi-spa like Prive aesthetics to make themselves look more beautiful.

The following article by Alyssa Dhaliwal and Emily Joosten shed light on six ways to pamper yourself on women’s day.

6 ways to pamper yourself this international women’s day

For those of you who don’t know, International Women’s Day is fast approaching. It falls on March 8 which means that yes, our day of celebration will fall on a hump day this year.

Don’t worry, though, because here at herworldPLUS, we’re dedicated to ensuring you receive the right amount of attention and festivity, no matter the day of the week. While there won’t be any elaborate parades or decorative firework displays, we can always take it into our own perfectly manicured hands. Read more here

You likely now know some ways to pamper yourself on women’s day. Some women don’t treat or pamper their self because they think they don’t deserve it.

The following article by Peterson Tumwebaze discusses why every woman deserves to pamper themselves.

WOMAN 2 WOMAN: Pamper yourself, you deserve it

My friend Rita is yet to walk down the aisle! Her wedding is scheduled to take place during the Christmas holidays.  But while everybody would expect Rita to be “over the moon” just like any bride to be, her excitement is limited.

Apparently, because the man she intends to marry does not pamper her!

“I have always wanted to be pampered but Kris (Husband to be) does not see this.

I like to be treated like a queen yet he never does those things for me, like surprises, compliments, showing much affection,” my friend confided in me. Read more here

You probably now know why every woman deserves to treat and pamper themselves. If you live in Singapore, then you should consider pampering yourself in some of the beauty centers there.

The following article by Alyssa Dhaliwal unveils six beauty centers you should consider visiting in Singapore.


It’s International Women’s Day today, and in the spirit of celebrating women everywhere, it’s only fitting that we put together a number of pampering ways in which you can treat the wonderful, strong, confident, and hardworking women in your life (yourself included).

In short, if you’ve been looking for a reason to treat your wife, mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter or self, then today is the perfect opportunity to do so. Read more here

Final note

Women’s day is dedicated to the strong, hardworking and beautiful women around the world. Do something you love, something that relaxes you or makes you feel great on that day. Make plans to go to the beach, visit friends, or engage in an activity that excites you.

Never should you feel that you don’t deserve to pamper or treat yourself, always remember that you are special, and you deserve to chill and relax.

If you live in Singapore, you should consider doing something you find pleasure in or visiting some of the top-notch beauty centers there, to relax and pamper yourself.

How to treat and pamper yourself on women’s day

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