A sneak peek at what happens during an IPL procedure

IPL is a popular non –surgical treatment that can improve skin texture and color. The procedure isn’t complicated and can be completed in less than an hour.

Just like most non-surgical beauty treatments, IPL has zero downtime. So, you can get back to work after having it.

If you have already booked an appointment, chances are, you are tensed and clueless about everything that will happen on the day of your treatment.

If you are in this boat, this article will help you put things into perspective, as it shed light on what happens during an IPL procedure.

How exactly does IPL treatment works?

On the day of your appointment, you will be asked if you followed the pre-treatment instructions you were given during your previous visit. If everything checks out, you will be taken to the area where the treatment will be carried out.

You may be asked to lie down or sit, depending on the area being treated.

Before the procedure commences, your skin specialist will first clean the affected area to remove dirt and microbes. When this is done, they will apply a special cool gel on your skin. Next, they will direct the IPL device to the affected area.

During the treatment, you will be required to wear dark shades to protect your eyes from the light emitted by the IPL device.

As the device hovers over the affected area, you may experience a stinging sensation. On average, it will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete the treatment. (The time duration can go up or down, depending on the size of the area being treated)

To get the best result, you may need to have between 4 to 6 treatments, which will be spaced a month apart. You may require up to 12 treatments if you are going to be using IPL for hair removal.

Who should opt for IPL treatment?

If you have the following skin issues, you should consider opting for IPL treatment.

  • Acne
  • Discolored skin
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Redness
  • Unwanted hair
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Dark and brown spots
  • Scars

Who should not opt for IPL treatment?

IPL treatment may not be a good fit for you if you have the following issues

  • Skin resurfacing disorder
  • Light sensitive skin
  • Severe scarring
  • Very dark skin
  • Skin cancer
  • Keloid scar tissues
  • If you use a retinoid cream
  • Pregnant women and people who are on certain medications aren’t good candidates for the treatment.

Two things you should know before opting for IPL treatment

It isn’t cheap

A single treatment session may cost $400 to $700. Note that the size of the area being treated may affect the price.

Can’t stop future aging

IPL is an excellent procedure that can make you look amazing, but it can’t stop future aging. You may have to get the treatment a few times a year to maintain your youthful look.

Final note

IPL is undoubtedly one of the best procedures for a plethora of skin issues. Before signing up for it, it is wise that you first consult a medical practitioner. They will be happy to explain the risks, benefits, and a few other things about the procedure to you.

A sneak peek at what Calendula toner has to offer

To look your best, you have to step out of your comfort zone and try new beauty products. One product that is currently taking center stage in Singapore is the Calendula toner.

A lot of people in Singapore know calendula as a beautiful plant that is somewhat similar to marigold. They know that it is edible and can be used for preparing medicines and teas.

What most people don’t know is that it is an excellent cosmetic ingredient.

Presently, calendula is used to make everything from face wash and toner to calming masks and facial creams.

In this article, we are going to be looking at the benefits offered by calendula toner.

Before we dive right into that, we will first look at what facial toner is.

What exactly is facial toner?

If you are new to beauty products, chances are, you have heard about toner but don’t know what it is used for.

Well, toner is a product that has a light and water-like consistency. They are used to remove oil, dirt, makeup, and other impurities that can block out pores.

In the past, a lot of Singaporeans stopped using toner because they contain high levels of alcohol and can leave the skin dry.

The toner on the market right now is a lot different from the ones manufactured back then. They are a lot more gentle and effective. What’s more, they contain more active ingredients that can brighten the skin.

Calendula toner vs. regular toner

Of course, you have the freedom to buy basically any toner you want. But if you desire to get the best result, you should consider purchasing a calendula toner.

Calendula toner is made to refresh the skin without causing any damage. They are free from drying agents that can leave your skin dehydrated.

Some of the best Calendula toners on the market are alcohol-free and are suitable for every skin type, including sensitive and oily skin.

Calendula toner is very effective and can improve skin complexion and glow because they remove dirt, dead skin, and other impurities.

Is Calendula toner for everyone?

As mentioned above, calendula toner is great and offers many benefits, but they aren’t for everyone.

People allergic to marigold, ragweed, and flowers in the Asteraceae family should not use it. The reason is that it can trigger an allergic reaction.

Nursing mothers, pregnant women, and people with serious skin issues should consult a dermatologist or their health care provider before incorporating calendula toner into their skincare routine.

Final note

Looking your best will become a little bit easier if you use the right product.

Calendula cleanser is one beauty product that can make all the difference. Using it can improve everything from your complexion to your skin tone.

Unlike regular toner that contains ingredients that can dry your skin, calendula toner is gentle and can remove dirt and build-ups without damaging your skin.

Since it is suitable for every skin type, you can use it with confidence, knowing that it won’t cause any issues.

Everything you need to know about IPL treatment in Singapore

Are there blemishes like age spots and freckles on your face? If yes, you likely may have tried many skincare products to make them less visible.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results of the products you use, you should consider taking your skincare efforts up a notch and trying any of the leading non-surgical skin care treatments.

IPL, which stands for intense pulsed light, is presently one of the most sorted blemish-removing therapies.

If you are clueless about how IPL therapy works and are curious about it, this article is for you. Read on to learn everything from the benefits to the cost of IPL treatment in Singapore.

Perks of IPL therapy

IPL treatment can help address these issues:

  • Rosacea
  • Age spots
  • Varicose veins
  • Hair removal (face, legs, chest, neck, bikini line, and back)
  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles
  • Broken blood vessels (on the face).

Preparing for IPL procedure

To ensure that you get your desired result after the procedure, there are a couple of things you must do and avoid days and weeks before the day of your appointment.

Things to do

  • Drinks lots of water
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Engage in low impact exercise that won’t stress you out
  • Engage in fun activities that relax you and make you happy.

Things to avoid

  • Creams and skincare products that contain RetinA, Glycolic acid, and Vitamin A
  • Direct sunlight
  • Collagen injections
  • Tanning beds
  • Chemical peels
  • Waxing  
  • Medications that increase the risk of bleeding (ibuprofen and Aspirin)

Cost of IPL

The first thing that likely came to your mind when you first learned about the benefits offered by IPL is “how much it cost”.

Well, the cost of the treatment depends on factors like the skin issues you are having treated and the size of the area being treated.

On average, IPL treatment may cost $800 to $1500.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay for medications, tests, and follow-up visits, after the procedure.

Most health insurance plan doesn’t cover the cost of IPL treatment, as it is a cosmetic procedure.

Does it really work?

The reason why IPL treatment is so popular in Singapore is that it works. IPL procedures can effectively fade off blemishes like age spots, blood vessels, and freckles. It is also great for removing hair in areas like the back, bikini line, chest, face, legs, and neck.  

Note that you may need several treatment sessions to achieve your desired result.

Risks and Side Effects of IPL

IPL is an effective procedure that can fade most skin blemishes, but it isn’t risk-free. You may experience swelling and mild redness shortly after the procedure.

Below are a few other issues you may experience

  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Change in skin color
  • Blistering

Final note

If you are looking for a permanent solution to your skin problem, you should consider opting for an IPL procedure.

Visit any of the many aesthetic clinics in Singapore to learn if you are a good candidate for the treatment. And if you are not, you should try other alternatives like Microdermabrasion and Fraxel laser treatment.

How Hydrating Serum Can Make You Glow Up

To become the best version of yourself, you have to brainstorm ways to improve every facet of your life.

One area you should pay a little more attention to is your looks.

As you likely know, most people in Singapore will judge you by how your look. So if your skin isn’t radiant and has many blemishes, it will be difficult for you to leave a good impression.

Well, the good news is that you can turn things around by following a skincare routine. One product that can make all the difference is a hydrating serum.

Using hydrating serum can transform your complexion and make your face plump and radiant.

What is it suited for?

Even if you follow a good skincare routine, there is a chance that your skin can become dehydrated every now and then. When this happens, your skin will become itchy. Even worse, your tone and complexion will look uneven.

A hydrating serum can help prevent this by increasing your skin moisture level.

Don’t let the price deter you

Unlike many skincare products you can get for a few bucks in most beauty stores in Singapore, hydrating serums are pricey. But this shouldn’t deter you from buying them.

The benefits you will enjoy when you start using them will make it worth it.

Speaking about benefits, a good hydrating serum can help smooth, plump, brighten, and improve the feel and appearance of your skin.

Who can use a hydrating serum?

Hydrating serums are nothing like the many products out there that can only be used by people with a particular skin type or skin color. Many dermatologists and beauty experts have pointed out that hydrating serums are good for all skin types.

Even if it is 100% safe, it is wise that you consult your dermatologist before you start using it. Your doctor may help in offering a few tips that will help you get the most out of it.

Who will benefit the most from a hydrating serum?

If you fall into any of the categories below, you should consider incorporating a hydrating serum into your skincare routine as soon as possible.

Oily skin

Many people with oily skin don’t useheavymoisturizers because they are afraid it will make their skin more oily. But that is far from the truth. In fact, not using any hydrating product can make their skin produce even more oil.

Hydrating serums are an excellent option for people with oily skin.


Hydrating serum can help reduce and speed healing after shaving.

Mature skin

Hydrating serum can improve the plumpness, radiance, and complexion of people who are above 40. What’s more, it can reduce some of the signs of aging.

Final note

The benefits offered by Hydrating serum are endless.

So if you are really serious about taking your looks to the next level, you should consider incorporating them into your skincare routine.

To get the most out of it, you should learn to apply it correctly.

How to get rid of pigmentation in four easy steps

How to get rid of pigmentation in four easy steps
Having pigmentation on the body can be very stressful as well as embarrassing. This problem has become fairly common. This means that there has been a great need to find solutions to the problems that arise with this disorder.
Treatment of pigmentation can be done with the help of cosmeceuticals and other methods. There is a simple roadmap that you have to follow in order to effectively treat hyperpigmentation.

Step 1
Protection against the sun
If you have hyperpigmentation your first step should be to use proper sun protection so that it does not get worse. The primary cause of hyperpigmentation is the UV rays from the sun. In order to protect your skin, you need to use a high spa sunscreen along with spa clothing, hats, and UV protecting sunglasses.

Step 2
Skin care for skin lightening
This step includes a regime for skin care that has ingredients which facilitate skin lightening. This regime is usually tailored to the requirements of the individual and the specific needs of their skin.

Step 3
Mask for skin lightening
If you are suffering from moderate to severe hyperpigmentation then your skin might not respond to the methods above. In this case, most institutes might use a chemical peel for the sake of skin lightening. It works by peeling off the top layer of skin thus lightening the pigmentation. It can also help by forming a block for the enzyme that is involved in the formation of melanin thus preventing any further pigmentation. It is a non-invasive treatment that helps to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. This treatment can be used on any skin type and helps to reduce hyper-pigmentation caused due to melasma, acne scarring, or sunspots.

Step 4
Laser treatment for pigmentation
If none of the above treatments works most institutes would advise you to undergo laser treatment. This laser treatment can be localised to the affected area and is delivered in a series of short pulses. The energy released is more effectively absorbed by dark cells that have more pigment. This pigment is then broken down with the laser. This treatment is completed in a series of sessions according to the level of pigmentation.

In addition to pigmentation, lasers can also help lighten brown spots, reduce redness, and improve the texture of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

CLick here to know more.

Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin in Singapore

Aren’t you just tired of wearing high neck clothes to cover your double chin? Don’t you just wish you could take selfies and wear necklaces without worrying about your double chin? If you answered yes to both questions, you are not alone. You see, there are a lot of people in Singapore who are going through the exact same thing.

But the good news is that there are effective treatments that can help you reduce your double chin and make you more confident. Want to find out more about them? If yes, then you should stick around, as we will be taking a close look at some tried and tested double chin removal treatments. Even more, we are going to be looking at what people who tried it have to say about it.

This article by Hannah McWilliams sheds light on one of the most effective non-surgical treatment for a double chin.

I Tried Kybella to Finally Get Rid of My Double Chin

It’s 3 p.m. on a Thursday, and I’ve just furtively emerged onto Park Avenue, scarf wrapped practically up to my nose. If someone had told me even a year ago that I would be ducking out of the office at the age of 30 to have “work” done, I can promise you I wouldn’t have believed them. Read more here.

You likely now know that kybella is one of the most effective treatments for double chin. You also now have a picture of how it works, what to expect after undergoing it, and how much it is likely going to cost you to sign up for it. But, will you like to know what someone who went through the procedure had to say about it? If yes, then you should read the next article carefully.

The following article by Loni Venti shares about what AdraFenstermaker have to say after undergoing the procedure.

How a Dermatologist Can Eliminate Your Double Chin with an Injection

AdraFenstermaker, 36, was always self-conscious about her chin. “Even when I would lose weight, I always had under-chin fullness,” she told Cosmopolitan.com. “With social media and everyone posting lots of pics, it started bothering me more and more. Read more here.

You likely now know what Adra had to say about Kybella, an FDA approved procedure. You also now know that it is going to cost you between $1500 to $1800 to sign up for it. If you are on a tight budget, you may not be able to afford it. Don’t despair if that is the case, as there are budget friendly double chin removal procedures that are equally effective.

The following article by Bryce Gruber unveils some budget friendly double chin treatment procedures.

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin: What Really Works?

Skip the turtleneck—we talked with top doctors, and there are trustworthy ways to get rid of a double chin from least to most invasive. There are a number of reasons people develop that double fold between the neck and jaw, and they don’t all have to do with weight gain. Read more here.

You likely now know some budget friendly but effective ways to get rid of your double chin like through coolsculpting, Facelift procedures, Laser technology, Plastic surgery, and certain injections. Of course, you have the freedom to opt for any of them, but if you want quick results, then you should consult a dermatologist. He or she will help you narrow down the right one for you.

Final note

Getting rid of a double chin isn’t as difficult as you are probably thinking. In fact, you don’t need to go under the knife to make your double chin less visible, as there are available non-surgical options.

One of the leading non-surgical procedures for a double chin is kybella. The obvious reason why it is so popular is that it is effective and its results are long lasting.

But it has a downside- it is expensive. If you can’t afford it, then you should opt for other budget friendly treatment options that are available.

What is a Picosecond Laser?

woman smiling with flawless skin and sharp jawline

Have you ever heard of a laser device that uses very short pulse durations to target tattoos (pigmentations and ink particles on the skin)? That is exactly what a picosecond laser is. But before this current state-of-the-art treatment used to remove tattoos, tattoo regret (a process where someone who was once passionate about having a tattoo later feels he or she will like to have such tattoo removed) has always been something many have been concerned about.

Unlike the picosecond laser that removes most tattoos more completely than any other means, and in the shortest possible time,  there have always been more painful options been used before. Let us consider some of those old, painful, and less effective methods.

Common Tattoo Removal Methods before the Invention of the Picosecond Laser

Before the invention of the picosecond laser, the methods used were not the best and some were dangerous. Read on for some of these examples.


This is one of the earliest means of removing tattoos. A very rough and strong object like a wire brush, or metal gauze is used to scrub the area covered by the tattoo that is meant to be removed. In some extreme but urgent cases, sharp stones were also used. It always leaves the patient with more wounds that might take weeks to heal. It also leaves the person prone to infections.


This method used a gauze pad with the common table salt in scrubbing the area covered by the tattoo. This method was never going to remove the tattoos altogether but will remove a majority of it. It also leaves the patient with more injury and a lot of scarring.


As the search for a less painful method of removing the tattoo removal method intensifies the thought of using chemicals flashed through the mind of scientists. Tannic acids and silver nitrate in combination with phenol solutions were explored.  Even though it worked to an extent, some of its limitations were disfiguring of the skin as well as burns.

Surgical Operation

The use of surgical operation is used to remove the entire skin of the area covered by tattoos while skin graft or skin from other parts of the body is used to cover over the area.  Still, other surgically froze the tattooed area using cryogenics and later removed the ink using microdermabrasion.

The Superiority of Picosecond Lasers

The issues with all the earliest forms of tattoo removal when observed from an objective point of view, all had the same underlying limitations. All the methods were extremely painful and thus exposed the patient to infections. All methods were less effective; some of them even removed the skin and did not leave the skin intact as before. And all the methods took time. Some of them might take as long as 2 hours to complete and an even longer period to heal.


Picosecond laser for tattoo removal has been seen to be the best method, a state-of-the-art method in removing tattoos, and done in a short time. It also offers a faster recovery time. The next time you think of removing a tattoo, be grateful that you are living in the age of picosecond laser and do research to find a professional clinic to receive this treatment. Read more about what else a pico second and fractional laser can do for you here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pico Fractional Laser Treatment

woman lying down with eye protection on while receiving picosecond laser aesthetic treatment

In this article, we take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about picosecond laser that has been used since 2012 in the unwanted clearing of skin pigmentation and tattoos.

What is a pico fractional laser?

The pico fractional laser is a laser device that is widely used in the medical field. It uses short pulse durations to target both artificial and natural pigmentation or ink particles, maybe tattoos. How it is used however depends on the wavelength needed to clear pigmentation. Examples of the wavelengths include neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal (532 nm or 1064 nm) or the Alexandrite crystal (755 nm)

How does the picosecond laser work?

The device uses a pulse duration of less than 1 nanosecond. This makes photoacoustic damage (or in a simpler term, pulses of light that can be measured by changes in pressure) rather than photothermal damage of the ink particles or pigment. The result of the process described above is an effective clearance of the abnormal pigment while photothermal damage of the surrounding tissue is minimized.

Who can use the picosecond laser?

Anyone who has an ink particle or pigment on their skin can use it. In recent times, many have regretted the tattoos they once were crazy about. If you are one who would like to get that tattoo off your skin, then this treatment is for you as well. Since it can also be used to rejuvenate the skin, someone who wants to get rid of stubborn wrinkles and acne can also go for pico fractional laser treatments.

How safe is picosecond laser (any side effects)?

Well, the only two side effects are markings that may be made on the skin, especially if the laser was used to treat a more conspicuous part of the body like the face.  However, it is just a small mark or scar that may not really be obvious from afar. If you are suffering from any skin condition, you might be exposed to some skin pigmentation disorders.

Is the pico fractional laser painful?

The Pain is very minimal as compared to other skin procedure that aims to do the same job. Many have described it as a rather pulsing sensation instead of pain. You might feel a little bit of discomfort, but it is by no means painful. It also boasts the best recovery time.

What are the contraindications to picosecond lasers?

As with other laser devices, picosecond lasers are relatively contraindicated in patients with darker skin tones. This is because they are more prone to the side effects of laser treatment.


Everyone has their doubts as per any type of treatment. And it is also your right to ask questions regarding any form of treatment you may be considering. We hope that a consideration of the above discussed frequently asked questions on pico fractional laser treatment has cleared some of your doubts and it has answered some questions that may be bothering you. Since not all questions can be treated, be sure to ask your Dermatologist more questions as they come to mind.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Picosecond Laser Treatments

woman with skin pigmentation in red patches

For every endeavor in life, there are always pros and the cons. If well-informed, a person can weigh out the good against the bad and make an informed decision.  Concerning the uses of picosecond laser for resolving skin pigmentation, we will look at both sides in this article. Especially will consideration of this subject be important to those who have at one time pondered medical aesthetic treatments.

Advantages of Picosecond Laser

  1. Multi-dimensional in use – Picosecond laser is not just used for removing tattoos, it is also used for other types of treatment of the skin. For example, it is widely used in the treatment of stubborn wrinkles, in the treatment of acne, in skin rejuvenation, in improving skin texture, tone, and pore size.
  2. Effectiveness – While non-laser treatment can be effective to an extent; none of them is as effective as the use of picosecond laser. Consider its use in tattoo removal. Other methods like the use of chemicals, use of surgical operation may be able to remove tattoos, but they do at a certain cost to the patient’s body. Such costs might be deformation of an entire area of the skin. Picosecond however does what they do even better, and at no physical cost to the skin.
  3. Energy Efficiency – Recent findings have shown picosecond laser pulses pulsed laser interactions, above 10 joules per square centimeter (J/cm²) can remove more materials while using less energy than longer wavelength pulses.
  4. Lower cost – Contrary to what many people might think, picosecond lasers are affordable by even the common man especially if a shorter wavelength is what is needed for your treatment. In many countries like Singapore, the prices are set such that everyone can utilize the treatment. It offers many other advantages in terms of cost, efficiency, and damage control.

Disadvantages of Picosecond Laser

  1. May leave marks on the skin – There is some risk of leaving a small mark, but usually that is not the case.
  2. Extra Cost in Some Countries – In most European countries, the cost of the treatment might be a little bit high. That has made some people question if the treatment is worth it or not. In the UK for example, it might cost around a hundred thousand pounds for extensive use of the treatment.
  3. Susceptibility to Skin Pigmentation Disorder – If you are also suffering from certain skin conditions, picosecond laser is not for you. One of such skin conditions is recalcitrant melasma. Make sure to do your research and consult a professional aesthetician.


Picosecond laser is an advanced and notable method in the medical field. It is here to stay because of its wide array of use in treatments. The advantages and the disadvantages of using picosecond laser have been discussed in this article. So, the next time you feel you might need this, it will be good to weigh your options and make sure you are informed.

Five major types of body contouring

Five major types of body contouring

The way you look is often going to determine the way people will respond to you. People who take good care of their physical appearance are treated better and sometimes given special preference. Of course, looks are not everything, but it is important.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your physical appearance, but not all of them are effective or will bring long-lasting result.

Body contouring is one of the best procedures to improve the way you look. But what exactly is body contouring?

Body contouring is a process of using a non-surgical or surgical procedure to reduce fat. These procedures are designed to target certain areas of fat. At the end of the procedure, you are going to have a defined look.

Today, there are different body contouring procedures that are available for you to choose from. The treatment that will be suitable for you depends on the following factors.

    • Your personal preferences
    • Your goals
    • The area of your body you want to target
    • Your anatomy

These are by no means the only factors that will help you choose a body contouring procedure that will be good for you. Click here to find out more.

In this article, we are going to be looking at five major types of body contouring.

Cool sculpting

Cool sculpting involves the freezing of fat. The good thing about this procedure is that it is non-surgical. So this means that needles and anesthesia will not be needed. Cool sculpting is a process that involves the freezing of fat in specific areas of the body.  The frozen fat cells collapse and dies and are naturally eliminated after a couple of weeks after the procedure.

Since Cool sculpting procedures don’t take a lot of time, you can choose to have several areas of your body treated on the same visit. One of the major reasons why a lot of people choose this procedure is because of its short recovery time. What this means is that you can get back to work or any activity immediately after your Cool sculpting appointment.


This is a diverse procedure that is used to target and remove small areas or large areas of fat. With liposuction, top-notch surgeons can carefully, remove fat from certain areas of your body. This procedure also creates a window for trained surgeons to create contour and sculpt your body.

Before signing up for this procedure, you need to have it in mind that it is invasive and it requires a long time to recover from.

Smart Lipo

This is a type of liposuction that involves the use of heat to make the liposuction procedure more effective. Lasers are used during this procedure to liquefy fat cells so that they can easily be removed with a tube known as cannula from the body.

Since heat is going to be applied to the areas you are targeting, you are likely going to heal or recover faster.

Fat transfer

This is a delicate technique that is used with various contouring procedures. During this procedures, fats are carefully removed from the thighs and abdomen and are injected into areas you need more move volume. Fat transfer is mostly used to contour the butt or the breast.



There are a couple of lift procedures that can be used for body contouring. Some of these procedures are effective for people with loose skin. A surgical procedure like lifts is somewhat better than most non-surgical procedure because it is long lasting and gives significant results.

Final note

Since there are many body contouring procedures that are available, it is likely going to be very difficult for you choose the one that will suit your needs. You can make things easier for yourself by consulting a specialist so that he can help you figure out the procedures that most aligns with your goals.

How to treat and pamper yourself on women’s day

How to treat and pamper yourself on women’s day

You don’t have to wait for a specific day to treat yourself and have fun. Every day of your life should be celebrated. But women’s day is exclusively dedicated to the brave, strong and elegant women around the world. It is a perfect day to chill, relax and pamper yourself.

Do well to make plans to pamper and take good care of yourself on that day. Of course, you need to have it at the back of your mind that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time on women’s day.

There are a good number of things you can do on women’s day. You can choose to hang out with your friends and loved ones, go shopping or visit a reputable spa center. Just do something that you love and find exciting. Some of the women would go for retail therapy or a shopping spree. For those that prefer a more physical gratification may go for a luxury massage, aromatherapy or a session at a medi-spa like Prive aesthetics to make themselves look more beautiful.

The following article by Alyssa Dhaliwal and Emily Joosten shed light on six ways to pamper yourself on women’s day.

6 ways to pamper yourself this international women’s day

For those of you who don’t know, International Women’s Day is fast approaching. It falls on March 8 which means that yes, our day of celebration will fall on a hump day this year.

Don’t worry, though, because here at herworldPLUS, we’re dedicated to ensuring you receive the right amount of attention and festivity, no matter the day of the week. While there won’t be any elaborate parades or decorative firework displays, we can always take it into our own perfectly manicured hands. Read more here

You likely now know some ways to pamper yourself on women’s day. Some women don’t treat or pamper their self because they think they don’t deserve it.

The following article by Peterson Tumwebaze discusses why every woman deserves to pamper themselves.

WOMAN 2 WOMAN: Pamper yourself, you deserve it

My friend Rita is yet to walk down the aisle! Her wedding is scheduled to take place during the Christmas holidays.  But while everybody would expect Rita to be “over the moon” just like any bride to be, her excitement is limited.

Apparently, because the man she intends to marry does not pamper her!

“I have always wanted to be pampered but Kris (Husband to be) does not see this.

I like to be treated like a queen yet he never does those things for me, like surprises, compliments, showing much affection,” my friend confided in me. Read more here

You probably now know why every woman deserves to treat and pamper themselves. If you live in Singapore, then you should consider pampering yourself in some of the beauty centers there.

The following article by Alyssa Dhaliwal unveils six beauty centers you should consider visiting in Singapore.


It’s International Women’s Day today, and in the spirit of celebrating women everywhere, it’s only fitting that we put together a number of pampering ways in which you can treat the wonderful, strong, confident, and hardworking women in your life (yourself included).

In short, if you’ve been looking for a reason to treat your wife, mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter or self, then today is the perfect opportunity to do so. Read more here

Final note

Women’s day is dedicated to the strong, hardworking and beautiful women around the world. Do something you love, something that relaxes you or makes you feel great on that day. Make plans to go to the beach, visit friends, or engage in an activity that excites you.

Never should you feel that you don’t deserve to pamper or treat yourself, always remember that you are special, and you deserve to chill and relax.

If you live in Singapore, you should consider doing something you find pleasure in or visiting some of the top-notch beauty centers there, to relax and pamper yourself.

Common Questions About Health Screenings

Your health is directly tied to your happiness, and it is critical to pay attention to your family’s history of disease and your lifestyle as you age. Sometimes taking all the precautions in the world is not enough to prevent dangerous medical conditions from developing. An essential aspect of living a healthy lifestyle is getting routinely checked for cancers and other ailments so you can accept treatments before they become too severe. As you prepare to visit a clinic in Singapore for routine screenings, you may have more questions than answers. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make the best decisions about your health:

Why should I get screened? General health screenings are a technique used by physicians around the world to identify medical conditions at an early stage. If your doctor recommends you get screened for certain diseases, it is usually out of precaution and is not something to stress about. Even if you do not display symptoms, it is still a good idea to screen for specific cancers and medical conditions because many times these things develop over a long period before they intensify.

When should I get screened? Certain screenings depend on factors such as age, family history, gender, and personal habits. As adults approach 50 years of age, doctors usually begin recommending tests for bone density, lipid profiles, and some types of cancer. The idea behind screening is to catch medical conditions quickly so that doctors have more flexibility with their treatment options.

How often should I return for screening? The frequency of screenings depends on several factors as well, but in general, routine screenings are the ideal approach. General health screenings are typically annual visits to the clinic, and depending on previous screening results, you may choose to visit in a shorter amount of time. Many clinics in Singapore offer health packages that provide a guideline for regularly scheduled screenings, but in the end, it is your decision to make.

What are the costs associated with health screenings? The cost of screenings can be a factor for many families seeking care, but your health is something that should not be ignored. You should discuss payment options and specific health packages with the clinic to decide what the best price plan is for you.

How do I find the right clinic in Singapore? Fortunately for people living in Singapore or for expats who have recently relocated to the city-state, there is no shortage of excellent clinics that perform comprehensive screening for people with both public and private insurance. You will want to look for a clinic that is currently accepting new patients, offers the specific screening services that you need, and is covered by your insurance provider.

If you want to maintain good health into your later years, it is a wise decision to get routinely screened for common health issues. The practice of getting tested regularly is a preventative step to identifying problems before they become more challenging to treat. Although it can be intimidating to receive the results, good physicians understand what you are going through and will take the time to answer your questions patiently. The best clinics employ skilled physicians that are experienced at finding unusual results in screenings, and you want to seek a clinic that you can trust. After you find a reputable clinic in Singapore, ask your doctor about their professional opinion on what types of health screenings are appropriate for you. The sooner you get checked, the sooner you can relax and trust that your health is in good hands.

Packing your carry on, perfect airport shuttle baggage

Everybody travels now and then, so an airport becomes an important part of their life. In order to have an enjoyable trip, the traveling should be problem free without any delays. An important part of traveling is the luggage that you carry; especially when you travel by air luggage management is crucial. Airlines have limits regarding free luggage that you can carry, upon exceeding this limit they charge for your luggage, so it s important to minimize your luggage. In this article we shall look at how to pack your carry on essentially decreasing your luggage.

The essentials

The carry on is the bag that you are allowed to carry with you in the seats. So when you pack your carry on it is important to pack it with important things that you may require. It could be your laptop, magazines, make up kit or even your medicines. So the first thing that should come to your mind while packing your carry on is your ‘essentials’. Another tip in packing your carry on is layering it on the basis of needs. So the first thing that you should pack is things that are not essential and top it off with things that you might regularly need. This way you won’t have to disorganize your bag while looking for things.

Easier to carry

Having just a carry on is very desirable because you don’t have to worry about luggage as you have only one. And it is also cost effective because you don’t have to pay for extra luggage nor tip a porter as you can carry it yourself. Airport shuttle service becomes much easier as you can hire a smaller vehicle which doesn’t need much luggage space. Since they do door to door airport transfers your travel to the airport becomes a breeze .

Keeping it neutral

Another tip to minimize your luggage is to pack clothes with neutral tone. This helps you in combining it with different clothes yet keeping a fresh look every time. Also it avoids the necessary to pack multiple pairs of shoes. Carry clothes that can match with multiple colors, this can save you space and only pack a maximum of a week’s worth of clothes. In case you plan to stay longer look for laundry options. Laundry can essentially stretch your clothes’ use a lot.

New Door to Door Services in the City of Melbourne

Airport transport services have always been quite tedious for most travelers. Many people have always had the need to undergo long durations of travel from different parts of the city towards the airport if they have any flight to catch. The city of Melbourne itself is one of those cities that is being strongly challenged regarding the transport system. Whenever you have to go for an airport ride, the normal rule of thumb is to begin planning for the journey at least half a day in advance. This is a very inconvenient endeavor to undergo.

Better ways to get around

One of the most efficient ways to get towards an airport is to book taxi cabs from your destination towards the airport. However, taxi cabs are soon becoming one of the most inconvenient forms of transport, especially considering the expense incurred by anyone using a taxi cab, and since there is such a large demand for taxi cabs, everyone seems to be using them to travel to airports. There are now designated airport taxi cabs. What this does is, it increases the amount of traffic on roads and each cab carries a very limited number to people. Due to this, road traffic increases drastically making your journey worse.

Since many taxi cabs are functioning to the same airport, everyone is jamming themselves through a bottleneck situation. Instead, the airport buses are always a better way out. Most people however are concerned that airport buses are inconvenient because they do not have a direct stop or pick up. This cumbersome aspect of airport bus travel has now changed. The airport bus services now have shuttle services that allow you to travel directly from your door until the airport.

Shuttle Services

Airport bus Melbourne services such as the Bluebird Bus Service has begun to shuttle people from their door step to a central collection point wherein everyone boards the main airport bus that takes them directly to the airport. This convenient strategy has taken away a major problem which people earlier had. Initially, people had to travel to the central bus depot to be picked up, this could be an inconvenience as Melbourne is a large city, and the attempt to reach the central pick up point was congested and expensive, wherein people began to think that it was better to hail a taxi cab instead. This shuttle service however, has changed things for the better.