Have you ever tried going to a rooftop bar with your family or friends? Isn’t it exciting to be on a different kind of bar for celebrations and special occasions? Rooftop bars can actually give you an extraordinary experience that you will never regret. Think of the view you will have and the breeze you will feel on top of the building. Today, we are going to tell you more about rooftops and where you could find them.

But first, let us take a look at one of the most prominent rooftop bars in Singapore. At Bay Hotel Rooftop Bar, you get a panoramic view of the city’s offshore entertainment island – Sentosa. Watch out for the occasional fireworks display if you are lucky to catch them. Also, this rooftop bar is like no other in that it offers authentic Indonesian food with a modern twist. It is certainly a unique experience and you should check out their site for more details.

Next, Cvent is going to give us 3 reasons to choose a hotel with a rooftop bar for your next meeting in specifically in NYC.

3 Reasons to Choose a Hotel with a Rooftop Bar For Your Next Meeting in NYC

The Big Apple has some of the best outdoor rooftop bars in the country, where people can enjoy the sizzling warm weather and take in amazing city views. Here are 3 reasons why you will want to plan your upcoming Spring and Summer New York City meetings in a Hotel with a fun outdoor Rooftop Bar:

  1. Perfect for Hosting Cocktail Receptions on-site

Choosing a hotel that has a Rooftop Bar is an excellent choice if you are planning a cocktail reception or private event after a long day of meetings. Guests can easily hop on the elevator and arrive at the party without having to think twice about getting lost in the big city. Hosting the cocktail reception in the same location as your meeting allows for simpler and more flexible planning on your end. Read more here.

The three reasons mentioned are: Rooftop bars are perfect for hosting cocktail receptions on-site, they are a great choice for guests to mingle on their own, and guests will rave about the venue choice. Moving on, Honeycombers will now give us some information about rooftop bars in Singapore.

Rooftop bars in Singapore: Swanky, sky-high drinking spots with knock-out views

In a city where space is limited, rooftop bars are almost a necessity. Boasting spectacular views, good drinks, and – relief! – cool breeze, you will never break a sweat up here. We’ve rounded up a list of Singapore bars with unbelievable views that aren’t just your usual Marina Bay variety. Get ready to see Singapore from a bird’s eye view – a toast to high times!


The upscale restaurant features two open kitchens, a charcoal grill, antipasti bar, and a walk-in wine cellar showcasing a variety of Italian labels. This Italian rooftop restaurant on the 43rd level of Ocean Financial Centre also has a Sunset Dining menu that takes full advantage of its view – every weekday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, you get to enjoy an early dinner with dishes like baby lobster bisque, home-made cavatelli with fresh seafood in white wine sauce, and beef tagliata with celery root and sauteed artichokes.

Zafferano, Lvl 43 Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315, p. 6509 1488 Read more here.

Honeycombers have given us pieces of information on what these rooftop bars could offer. Their addresses and websites are already provided above so we can easily locate them. For additional rooftop bars, Galen Ng is going to share to us 11 unconventional rooftop bars in Singapore that will make all your hours happy.

11 Unconventional Rooftop Bars in Singapore That Will Make All Your Hours Happy

Who doesn’t love a themed rooftop bar? With good food, better drinks, amazing music, and a great atmosphere high up, away from the sonorous ground-level bustle of Singapore’s busy streets, it’s the perfect place for a refreshing escape. You can see why themed rooftop bars are the trendy newcomers taking Singapore by storm. No matter whether it’s date night or for a gathering of friends, here are 10 amazing themed rooftop bars that’ll satisfy all your hedonistic nightlife cravings and promise a night to savour.

  1. HI-SO Rooftop Pool Bar @ SO Sofitel Singapore

Despite being a relatively new kid on the block,  HI-SO is steadily winning the hearts of aficionados in the rooftop bar scene. Located amidst glistening city lights and surrounded by CBD skyscrapers, HI-SO at SO Sofitel Singapore is literally in the heart of the city. As night falls, the scenery changes into a dazzling array of colossal concrete towers, each buzzing with flickering lights like fluttering fireflies. Read more here.

Each rooftop bar is unique and each of them can give us different kinds of experiences that are definitely worth it. Looking at the pictures alone can say that it would really be fun. Their addresses and official websites are also provided above. Plan now with your friends and family and enjoy these extraordinary kind of bar which could let you have a very wonderful view of the whole city.

Rooftop Bars: What We Need to Know